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Rotary airlock valve, also known as rotary feeder or rotary valves, are commonly used in industrial applications as a component in a bulk or specialty material handling system. Rotary airlock valve are primarily used for discharge of bulk solid material from hoppers/bins, receivers, and cyclones into a pressure or vacuum-driven pneumatic conveying system rotary airlock valve is a with good airlock condition. Electromech has been manufacturing the Heavy and Light Duty Rotary Airlock Valve manufacturer.

Electromech Rotary Airlock Valve : Working

The prime function of a rotary airlock valve is to regulate the flow from one chamber to another while maintaining a good airlock condition. Basically the valve is designed with a paddle wheel which is shaft-mounted and driven by a motor. The rotary valve is similar to a revolving door: the paddles or blades create a triangular pocket between blades and the circular housing that it is rotating in and form an airtight seal with the housing; the motor slowly moves the blades to allow the solids to discharge from the hopper. Packing glands of generous proportions seal against air or gas leakage into or out of the feeder. Self lubricating packing designed to sustain operating temperature.

rotary-airlock-valve rotary-airlock-valve rotary-airlock-valve rotary-airlock-valve

Electromech Rotary airlock valve how is Airlock provided?

Clearances between the rotor and housing are 0.10mm / 0.15mm for the standard valve. Tight clearances allow minimal air escape through the valve. This way product can be transferred between areas of differing pressure or vacuum.

Rotary Airlock Valves Are Available In 4 Basic Types

 Drop Through Type

 Side Entry Type

 Blow Through Type

 Sanitary Type

Electromech Rotary Airlock- Sizes

We have a 35 models for variety of applications
• 100 / 150/200/250/300/350/400/450/500/550 NB
• 700/750/1000/1250/1600/2000 NB

Our Resources

Maintenance Friendly


Easily Assembled And Disassembled : 4 Bolt Flange Mount Bearings Are Removable With Valve In Place, Completely Removable Gland Follower For Access To Shaft Seal Packing

Body & End Covers


Precision Machined Cast Iron, Or Cast Aluminum or Fabricated - MS, Hardox Robust body adequately stiffened to prevent distortion



Body Air Vent And End Seal Air Purging



Asa Pattern Round, Square



Precision Machined Fabricated Mild Steel Or Stainless Steel, Open End Or Closed End



Fixed Blades, Adjustable Tips

Rotor Tip Options


Mild Steel, Stainless Steel, Abrasion Resistant Steel, Brass, Teflon, felt , Hardox

Shaft Seals


Gland Type With Packing



4 Bolt Flange Mount With Grease Purge Fitting, Options - High Temp Solid Lube, Inboard, Sealed For Life Bearings

Gear Reducer


High Efficiency Helical Gear, Double Reduction



Heavy Flange Mounting, Heavy Duty, Premium Efficient



ANSI Chain With Sprockets Or Coupled Drive

  • Quick Release Rotors
  • Direct Coupled Drives
  • Air Purge Glands
  • Body Vents
  • Speed Switches
  • Flameproof Motors
  • Shear Plate Deflectors
  • Buffing

rotary-airlock-valve rotary-airlock-valve rotary-airlock-valve rotary-airlock-valve

Outstanding Features Of Electromech Heavy Duty Rotary Airlock Valves
  • Minimized clearance at rotor tips and sides with body
  •     • Robust body adequately stiffened to prevent distortion
        • Precision machining of the components
        • Heavy duty body with pocket air vent facility option
        • End covers with flange type bearings mounted outboardv
        • Glands stuffing box
        • Type with purge facility option
        • Open and closed type fabricated rotor with varied options of tips to suit product need

  • Rotors are available with open or closed ends.

Open End Rotor- Rotary Airlock Valve

  • The open end rotor provides a better air seal due to the vanes extending all the way to the end covers.
  • Sealing capability is a matter of surface area between the rotor and housing. This is maximized with an open end rotor.
  • The open rotor has its drawbacks as the material is in contact with the end covers.
  • For abrasive products this leads to wear problems.
  • In higher temperature applications, this adds to the tolerances that need to be carefully machined.
  • Fine materials tend to leak out through the shaft seals if not properly maintained.

Closed End Rotor- Rotary Airlock Valve
  • It is primarily intended for gravity flow applications or the bottom of dust collectors.
  • When allowed, the closed end rotor is ideal for abrasive and high temperature applications.
  • In abrasive applications, the product is kept away from the end covers where most wear takes place.
  • In high temperature situations, the gap between the end cover and rotor eliminates any expansion concerns, leaving only the diameter to be machined.

Fixed Blades
  • With fixed blades there is no concern with rotor tips coming loose or hardware falling off into the material stream.
  • Fixed blades are also thicker and more rigid than adjustable tips.
  • As product can become trapped under the adjustable blades, fixed blades are also preferred in sanitary type applications such as food and pharmaceutical.
  • Some products are also sticky or sluggish, and the fixed blade rotor allows these products to more easily leave the pocket.

Adjustable Tips
  • Adjustable tips are required for applications in which special tips are required.
  • This is discussed in more detail below.
  • Some people also prefer adjustable tips as they believe the tips can be adjusted up as they wear.

Usually though wear is uneven, and impossible to bring the tip up to the original tolerances when new.

Rotary Airlock Valve Flow Rate Capacity Chart On 100% Pocket Filling Factor

Sr. No.

Sizes Of Rav (Round/ Square Flanged)

Volumentric Flow Capacity Per Revolution ( Mtr.Cube / Revolution)

Rotor Speed In RPM

Volumentric Flow Capacity Per Hour At 100%  Pocket Filling( Mtr.Cube / Hr)









































Calculating Rotary Airlock Valves Sizes

For Example
If rotary airlock valve select 150 NB and it will be rotates at 22 rpm at 100% pocket filling factor ,its volumetric flow rate is 3.6 mtr cube/hr Valve through put per hour (100% pocket filling factor) = VOLUMENTRIC FLOW x material bulk density
= 3.6 x 1000 ( bulk density assumed )
= 3600 kg / hr
Valve through put per hour (70% pocket filling factor) = 3600 x 0.7
= 2520 kg / hr

Material Of Construction

As per our higher experience we are deciding the Material of construction Rotary Airlock valve which is suitable as per the various applications.
• CAST IRON AS PER IS 210 Grade FG-260
• SS-304/ SS-316
• HARDOX- 500

Electromech Rotary Airlock Valves : Application Areas
  • Material Conveying systems.
  • Pneumatic Conveying Systems.
  • Air Pollution Systems, In the dust filtration field good airlock is essential on cyclone and bag filter
  • Dust suppression equipment.
  • Feeding granular or fine material.
  • Cement and abrasive material manufacturing industries.
  • Cement, Steel, Food, pharmaciticals, sugar, and fertilizer, Chemical, pulp and papers etc.

Customized Rotary Airlock Valve

Electromech Techinical Services Designed Tailor-made Rotary Airlock Valve for some critical applications. e.g.

  • Pulverized Coal
  • Pulverized Coal
  • Cement
  • Fly Ash
  • Flour
  • Lime
  • Ore
  • Soya Straw
  • Wooden Chips
  • Grains
  • Minerals
  • High Abrasive material
  • Pneumatic Conveying applications
rotary-airlock-valve rotary-airlock-valve rotary-airlock-valve rotary-airlock-valve

Quality :

We checked and satisfactory trials ensure the quality of equipment's before supply the equipments. Electromech always has been a priority to give the service after sales We are providing following certificates of the equipments

  • Internal Inspection Report
  • Quality Assurance plan
  • Geared Motor Routine Test Certificate.
  • Trial certificates
  • Raw material Test Certificates etc..

Quality Control and Inspection

All the manufacturing, Fabrication and machining of the equipments is carried out as per relevant Indian / International standard. The quality control personal check every product as per relevant Quality Assurance plans procedures before dispatched. We provide excellent reliable sales and service.