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Electromech Knife Gate Valve is a Highest performance along with Zero Leakage

Knife Edge Gate Valves withstand high Temperature & Abrasive Slurries in Mining, Steel, Power, Chemical, and Paper Industries Ideal for high-density Slurry Lines. Electromech Technical Services manufacturing uni-directional knife gate valve and bidirectional knife gate valve a wide range of knife gate valve manufacturer in a different models and number of different sizes of knife gate Valves using high grade of CI/ WCB/ SS304 and SS316 knife gate valves casting to suite to every specific application are honored as the finest one and has become an obvious choice in the user industries. our Knife Edge Gate Valve are one of the specific designs to ensures minimum contact between the parts of the valve to Reduces the Wear & Tear. Batten edge of the Gate (Knife-Edge) allows the tight shut off even when solid particles settles at the bottom of the Body. A wide variety of hardened trim options are available on Gate, Seat and Wear Ring and long life . Electromech Technical Services Knife Gate valve provides reliably on verity of tough application includes corrosive and abrasive application area, key aspects like operating load .easy of operation, service condition etc. are considered in design and construction to ensure long and maintenance free life The knife gate valve is simple to use and requires no maintenance. They have a longer life and are used for stopping and controlling the flow of abrasive slurries.

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Applications Of Knife Gate Valve :

Available in different sizes, Electromech can be customized as per the needs and requirements of the customers. Knife edge Gate Valves for
1. Slurry Lines,
2. Sludge and Viscous Media Handling,
3. Pulp and Paper Stock Lines,
4. Dry Solid and Powder Handling,
5. High Temperature Gas Lines and Many More

The design of the body and seat assures non-clogging shut off on suspended solids In industries such as:
Pulp and Paper Power plants Mining etc.
Chemical plants Wastewater Food and Beverage
Pollution control equipment steel plant

Cast Stainless Steel- Knife Gate Valves

Knife gate valve material of construction Cast Stainless Steel Knife Gate Valves are designed for tough corrosive, abrasive, liquid slurry or dry material applications including : Pulp and Paper, Mining, Waste Water, Chemical, Petrochemical, Power, Steel, Food Processing, etc.

Design and Construction
This system features a rounded cast packing chamber, rounded gate edge and many packing options to meet the demands of your specific application. All of these features together will improve sealing, extend packing life, and reduce maintenance. Depending on what your application requires, the cast body and packing gland are available in 304,316, 317, Duplex Stainless Steel Other body and gate materials are available upon request. Knife Gate Valves are available in sizes 2" - 48" (50mm - 1200mm) with metal or resilient seated versions. The actuator superstructure is heavy duty cast carbon steel or cast stainless steel to minimize corrosion. A variety of actuator options are available including:

knife-gate-valves knife-gate-valves knife-gate-valves

Electromech Knife gate valve operated By.
  • Handwheels
  • Chainwheels
  • Bevel gears
  • Levers
  • Pneumatic cylinders
  • Hydraulic cylinders
  • Electric motors etc.

A full of accessories is ALSO OFFERED- Control accessories such as positioners, limit switches, Lubricator, solenoids, etc.

Knife Gate Valves are designed and/or tested to meet the following standards:

MSS SP-81 Metal Seated Valves


Stainless Steel, Bonnetless, Flanged Knife Gate Valves

ANSI B16.5- 2" - 24" (50 - 600mm) Flanged Conforms to


Carbon Steel Flanges and Fittings, ANSI 150. Related drilling dimensions

ANSI 16.47- 26" - 48" (650 - 1200mm)


Large diameter Steel Flanges. Series A.Conforms to related dimensions.

ASME B16.20-2" - 48" (50 - 1200mm) Flanges. gasket


Metallic Gaskets for Pipe Conforms to Spiral-Wound Dimensions


  • Precisely designed
  • Accurate dimension
  • Rust proof
  • Corrosion-resistance
  • Compact size
  • Sturdiness

This model knife gate is an uni-directional lug type valve designed according to MSS-SP-81 and TAPPI TIS 405-8 for industrial service applications. The design of the body and seat assures non-clogging shut off on suspended solids In industries such as:

DN 2"/50mm to DN 24"/600mm Working pressure: DN 2"/50mm to DN 24"/: 150 psi / (10 kg/cm2)

Sr. No.

 Seal Type

 Application Area

 Temperature Range


 Metal To Metal Seated

 1) High dense media

 2) Full tightness not required

 3)  Abrasive material

 High temperature range


 Soft Seated

 1) Low dense media application

 2) Leak proof application

 Temperature range according to Seat material (consult to factory)

Design Features - Knife gate valve



Uni-directional / Bi-directional Knife Edge Gate Valve



  • • One piece integrally cast body with reinforced ribs in larger diameters for extra body.strength.

  • • Internal cast guides allows for tighter shutoff. Port design according to MSS-SP-81 and Tappi TIS 405-8.

  • • Internal design avoids any build up of solids that could prevent valve from closing. MOC - Cast Iron / Cast Steel / SS 304 / 316 / 316L



  • • Standard AISI 316 stainless steel gate.

  • • Gates polished and lapped for a greater seal between the gate with both packingand seat.

  • • Bottom of the gate edge is machined to a bevel to cut through solids for a tighter
    • seal in Closed position

  • • The Stainless steel knife gate plate is precision-buffed on both sides, to enhance
    • Packing life and ensure positive shut off even heavy or high-viscous fluid



Stainless steel or as desire, having double start thread rising / non-rising spindle, For fast closing and opening.



Renewable Metal-to-Metal, replaceable type, soft seat and other Suitable to application. In addition to standard stainless steel seat ring, rubber ring and Teflon seat rings are Available as options. Gland Packing: Multi layer gland packing in a variety of materials to suit condition provides total sealing.



Round Port, "V" Notch

End Connection


Flanged End / full Lugged, Wafer Flangeless, Two Lug, Wafer Flangeless, Flange Type, Wafer
Size : 50mm to 500mm



Option Include ANSI, standard;

Operation Avaliable


Knife edge Gate Valves Operation - Manual, Cylinder Operated, Electrical Actuator, Pneumatic Actuator with Manual Override.



Hand Wheel, Chain wheel, Bevel Gear hand wheel or chain wheel, Pneumatic Double Acting cylinder and electric actuator.



Flow-age Knife Edge Gate Valves also can be supplied with a wide range and variety of manual, pneumatic and electronic accessories as per suitable to service requirement. These all accessories are mostly bought-out from reputed suppliers.

Selection Of Body Material


Cast Iron, WCB (Cast Carbon Steel), SS-304, SS-316

Selection Of Gate Material


SS-304, SS-316

Selection Of Gland Packing Material


P.T.F.E. Impregnated Asbestos yarn Square Graphite Asbestos yarn.

Design And Testing of Kinfe Gate Valve

MSS SP-81 applies to metal seated knife gate valves, 2" to 24" size, 150 psi. Resilient seated knife gate valves are not covered under MSS SP-81. These products are subject to the individual manufacturer's internal testing &design standard



MSS SP-81 requires the valve body (pressure vessel and related structure) to be designed for and hydrostatically pressure tested to 1.5 times the rated working pressure. Valve rated pressure - 150 psi Body test pressure - 225 psi



MSS SP-81 requires the gate to be designed for and hydrostatically pressure tested to 1.1 times the rated working pressure. Valve rated pressure - 150 psi Gate test pressure - 165 psi



MSS SP-81 has an allowable leakage rate (for metal to metal seated valves) of 40 cc per inch of diameter, per minute at 40 psi pressure. On a 12" valve this would be equal to 40 times 12, or 480 cc per minute at 40 psi. Maximum allowable leakage of 2.73 LTR/MIN when tested with water at 40 psi applies in normal flow direction No visible leakage when tested with water at 40 psi (for soft seated valves only).

Face to Face


MSS SP81 has specified face to face dimension and tolerance for each valve size to assure ease of installation for the consumer, regardless of the valve manufacturer

Application and Temperature Range Of Sealing Materials

EPDM - Advantages: It has excellent resistance to heat, ozone and sunlight, very good flexibility at low temperature, good resistance to alkalis, acids, and oxygenated solvents and superior resistance to water and steam. Limitations: poor resistance to oil, Gasoline and hydrocarbon based solvents. Maximum continuous operating temperature - 40°C / +100°C.

NBR-NITRIL - Advantages : very good resistance to oil, gasoline, alkalis and acids, good resistance to hydrocarbon based solvents. Limitations: inferior resistance to ozone and oxygenates solvents. Maximum continuous operating temperature -30°C / +90°C.

GUM RUBBER -This category includes all natural gum elastomers, both filled and unfilled and synthetic. It has high tensile strength, superior resistance to tear and abrasion and good flexibility at low temperatures. Maximum continuous operating temperature +75°C.

VITON - Advantages : very good resistance to ozone and sunlight, very good flexibility at low temperature, good resistance to alkalis and acids and very good resistance to hot water. Maximum continuous operating temperature - 40°C / +230°C.

Optional "O" rings


AIR CYLINDERS for knife gate valve

Double Acting ( Ø125, 160, 200 ) mm As per ISO 15552 / VDMA 24562 standards

• Adjustable cushioning at both ends
• Wide varieties of mountings
• Low friction
• Long life
• High temperature (Viton seals) 150°C max.
• Non corrosive Stainless steel piston rod and piston rod lock nut (SS 304)


Technical Specifications




Cylinder bore Ø ( mm )




Cushion stroke ( mm )




Standard strokes * ( mm )

50 80 100 125 160 200 250 300 320 400 500




Compressed air - filtered - lubricated



Working Pressure

0.5 - 10 bar



Medium Temperature




Regular 5° - 60° C

5° - 60° C



High temperature applications**

5° - 150° C max.



Materials of construction

Aluminium, Brass, Nitrile, Steel, Acetal, Iron, polyurethane




Basic cylinder, Foot mounting, Front flange, Rear flange, Male clevis, Female clevis,




Female clevis (King pin), Centre trunnion, Front trunnion, Rear trunnion




Clevis foot bracket, Wall mounting bracket, Trunnion bracket, Rod end fork,




Rod end aligner, Rod end spherical eye



Application :
  • Chemical
  • Pulp And Paper Industres
  • Mining And Mineral Process
  • Refinary
  • Power Plant
  • Cement Industry
  • Steel Industry

Quality Control and Inspection
All the manufacturing, Fabrication and machining of the equipments is carried out as per relevant Indian / International standard. The quality control personal check every product as per relevant Quality Assurance plans procedures before dispatched. We provide excellent reliable sales and service.

Electromech Knife Gate Valves, are guaranteed for a period of 12 month from the date of shipment against any manufacturing defects ,when properly installed, operated and service in accordance recommendations. The gasket system wear and tear is not covered by the guarantee